The Gazaui Group helps healthcare companies work on a full spectrum of strategy, operations and organization. Our cross-sector team bring diverse experience and a collaborative spirit to every engagement. We work alongside client teams at all levels of the organization to develop practical solutions that can deliver repeatable and sustainable results. Our healthcare knowledge enables us to support our clients in both developed and emerging markets. We offer a wide range of services, each with the objective of providing our clients with a sound basis for making important practice management decisions. We not only work on a project-specific consulting basis, but also frequently act as ongoing business advisors for our clients.

We work with established solo and group practices as well as physicians just completing training. Our approach combines an in-depth understanding of the problems and opportunities within the health care system with technical expertise in management, contracts, economics, finance, managed care, information technology systems, health planning, statistics, demographics, and design. Our business objective is to provide specialized, comprehensive management resources for physicians in private practice and for related healthcare organizations.

Every organization focuses on management of day-to-day operations; however, it’s important not to lose sight of strategic initiatives. We understand that healthcare organizations are under intense pressure to improve compliance with laws and regulations, yet at the same time improve their own financial and operational performance.  We are able to offer a range of healthcare consulting services that build on our experience and knowledge of Healthcare Information Technology, systems and informatics to better help our clients navigate their way through a range of complex problems, issues and risks.  Our strength is the depth and experience of our healthcare consultants to work collaboratively and construct projects that closely meet the requirements of our clients. 

•   Create sustained growth strategies for developed and emerging markets to gain market leadership.

For healthcare companies, growth is an imperative not an option. However, many companies find it difficult to achieve sustained, profitable growth. We work with healthcare players to develop and execute growth strategies that will help them achieve full potential. We help our clients identify strategic options that strengthen their foundation, evaluate their options with discipline and rigor, and implement their chosen path. For strategies that include the rapid-growth emerging markets, we help our clients understand the complexity of the local market and identify critical success factors, such as how to design locally relevant product offerings.

•   Develop cost-effective and efficient business models.

We collaborate with healthcare companies to create lower-cost business models while building new capabilities to meet changing market needs.

•   Adapt go-to-market strategies to address dramatic shifts in the customer landscape.

In the midst of increasing patient engagement and the shift of purchasing decisions away from the prescribing physician or the implanting surgeon, we are helping our clients identify and implement game-changing improvements to product mix and pricing, go-to-market systems, service delivery and customer advocacy strategies.

•   Design the organization to achieve unprecedented performance.

The success of healthcare companies relies on their ability to undertake transformation and make critical decisions, typically in a complex, matrix organization. We work with companies to identify the most significant decision opportunities while building enduring behaviors, measures and incentives that foster effective decision making throughout the organization. We help clients anchor transformation to customer and marketplace needs, with the necessary organizational alignment to support them.

•   Harness healthcare IT to lower costs, stay ahead of the innovation curve and enhance quality of care.

We help companies capture the value of healthcare IT systems and solutions that can improve the performance and efficiency of key business functions. These solutions include the adoption of digital health tools, such as mobile apps, that can change the delivery and management of health care.